Sermons on Gratitude

Gladness For Sorrow

Americans have never been unhappier. A survey conducted in May of 2020 found that just 14% of American adults considered themselves “very happy”. This survey has been conducted since 1972. In the past 50 years the percentage of people who rated themselves “very happy” had never dropped below 29%. We all experience seasons of unhappiness. Stress can creep into our lives slowly, or broadside us like a freight train. We never want to minimize the challenges we face. This passage…

Gratitude In The Gospel

In J.R.R. Tolkein’s Fellowship of the Ring—A band of individuals with disparate backgrounds come together to accomplish an important quest. After Frodo and Sam, my favorite character is Smeagol—the hobbit who became Gollum. His character teaches an important lesson about the consequences of idolatry and isolation. He lived for his precious—the ring that he had acquired by murdering his cousin and best friend, Deagol. Although Gollum loved his ring for its powers, it also gave him a long life in darkness and…

“Why Be Thankful?” Colossians 1:3-8

Sermon Lesson: Give thanks to God for the spiritual fruit which He has graciously and powerfully imparted to you through His ministers of the gospel.Outline: Give thanks to God (v.3) Give thanks for your spiritual fruits (v.4-5a) Give thanks for a gracious and powerful gospel (v.5b-6) Give thanks for His ministers of the gospel (v.7-8)  

The Harvest Begins (Ruth 2:1-16)

Open your bibles to Ruth 2:1-16. Last week, looking at chapter one, we dealt with the primary problem of Naomi’s bitterness and emptiness. Despite the incredible display of faith and the unwavering commitment of her daughter-in-law Ruth, Naomi remained pessimistic regarding her chances of surviving in Bethlehem. She no longer wants to be called Naomi, but Mara, because the Lord had dealt very bitterly with her (1:20). Have you tried to relate? Are you able to put yourselves in their…

Gratitude (Genesis 46:31-47:31)

Gratitude is the expression of a dependent person who has received what he cannot earn. 1. Three Significant Requests. 2. Three Gracious Approvals. 3. Three Grateful Responses.