Sermons from September 2020

Ten Commandments, Moral Law

“The Seventh Commandment: The Perversion of Love” (Exodus 20:14)

The Seventh Commandment: The Perversion of Love Marriage was downgraded in America when Ronald Reagan instituted “no fault” divorce as Governor of California in 1969. Legislators argued that it would reduce litigation expenses and animosity between spouses, ultimately, saving more marriages. By 1979, just ten years after the bill was adopted and subsequently passed in the rest of the US, divorce had doubled. There have been over one million divorces every year since then. Roughly 50% of all marriages end…
Ten Commandments, Moral Law

The Seventh Commandment: You Shall Not Commit Adultery (Exodus 20:14)

What a cultural reformation would take place if we began to take the seventh commandment seriously. It is not difficult to find illustrations of our radical need for this renewal. We could name prominent figures in every sphere of society that have committed adultery. We could see the breakdown of the covenant marriage, both its biblical definition as well as its value in a secular nation. One of the more obvious ways in which we see the problem is with…
Ten Commandments, Moral Law

“The Truth of the Gospel” (Galatians 2:1-14)

The Truth of the Gospel (2:1-14) Paul wrote the letter of Galatians to several churches he had planted a few years prior. A problem arose when false teachers taught a different gospel. In the first chapter, Paul explained that his authority and message came directly from Christ. In today’s passage Paul shows that he was fully accepted among the other apostles. They recognized that he was both called and commissioned by Christ. Two weeks ago we talked about the fact…