What Should We Think About COVID-19?

What Should We Think About COVID-19?

Interview with Dr. Min Jung

Hello, welcome to the Grace Clovis Podcast. My name is Brad Mills and I’m the pastor of Grace Clovis Presbyterian Church. Typically we have reserved this feed for sermon and devotional audio, but I thought it would be helpful for us to think about COVID-19 today. I have received tremendous help in thinking through this coronavirus chaos by talking to folks who are much more knowledgeable than I am.

One of those individuals is with me today. Dr. Min Jung is a pediatrics physician and a member of our church. I convinced him to join me for an extended conversation. 

With so many questions to consider, how should we think about COVID-19? I think this conversation will prove helpful to members of our church. Honestly, this is the kind of conversation I enjoy. So if nothing else, this is another opportunity for me to become a bit less naïve about the medical side of the equation.

Help us think about COVID-19

Some of the questions we explore in this episode include the following:

  • Has your own assessment of the threat of the coronavirus changed as more information became available? If so, what details were the most alarming?
  • Do you agree with the approach our nation and state have taken to address the pandemic? Do you think the social distancing and lockdown measures are too restrictive?
  • At what point does the concern for economic recession factor into your mind? The unemployment rate has soared, nearly 7M people filed for unemployment just in the past week! There are some obvious concerns to consider such as the increase in depression, alcohol consumption, drug use, suicide, etc. What are your thoughts on that?
  • There is a study currently being conducted by researchers at Stanford Medicine to determine whether California might be experiencing some of the benefits of herd immunity. What are your thoughts on the plausibility of that theory?
  • How necessary is bleaching and wiping down everything after going to the store? Should we be wearing masks and gloves? Is more gear better? Should we walk around in those plastic inflatable bubbles?
  • If someone thinks they have the coronavirus what should they do? Can they take over-the-counter medication for their fever? Would you recommend any other home remedies? And at what point should they seek medical attention?
  • Do you think this will change the way we practice medicine moving forward? Do you see anything changing as far as doctor-patient interaction in the future? 
  • How has this had an impact on the church? How can pastors and members continue to minister to one another during this time? How can we help those who are feeling anxious right now?