Mourning and Famine (Amos 8:8-14)

Mourning and Famine (Amos 8:8-14)


  • Amos’ repeated warnings, first of words then of visions, have fallen on deaf ears.
  • We’ve seen 4/5 visions Amos received:
    1. Plague of Locusts (7:1-3)
    2. Judgment of Fire (7:4-6)
    3. The Plumb Line (7:7-9)
    4. A Basket of Summer Fruit (8:1-3)
  • God’s judgment is coming soon, he is not going to spare Israel any longer.
  • Last week, we concluded that those who rejoice in corruption will mourn on the day of judgment.
  • This afternoon, we will see what their mourning will look like.

Read Amos 8:8-14

  • What happens to those who ignore God’s Word? What about those who sit under the preaching of God’s Word and are never changed by it?
  • Those who reject God’s Word will lose his favor and may suffer his absence forever.
    1. Mourning the Loss of God’s Favor (8-10)
    2. Suffering the Famine of God’s Word (11-14)

Mourning the Loss of God’s Favor (8-10)

  • v.8 The land will ripple like the Nile River due to an earthquake. Their sin had brought God’s righteous judgment. He isn’t cruel, they are!
  • v.9 The sky will be dark at noon so that their mourning lingers without the relief of sunlight.
  • v.10 God will replace celebration with mourning. They will eat together and sing songs in sadness. Their mourning will be reminiscent of Egypt.

Smith Mourning comes because judgment has come.

  • God will orchestrate the circumstances that bring about and increase their mourning.
  • Listen children, you must recognize what is lacking in their response. Oftentimes we equate mourning with repentance. We note the sadness in a person’s face and consider them to be in sorrow for their sin. But, oftentimes, what they’re really crying about is the consequences of their sin. Maybe they are mourning the pain of their discipline.
  • Why had they lost God’s favor? Because they refused to listen to God’s word. Their lives were filled with idolatry and hypocrisy and they spurned the voice of Amos.
  • Therefore, we must do the opposite! In true repentance, we don’t merely mourn the consequences of our sin, we turn away from that sin and turn to God.
  • That last part is just as important as the first part. Repentance involves faith.

The loss of God’s favor includes…

Suffering the Famine of God’s Word (11-14)

  • v.11 They haven’t listened to Amos. Soon, God will not speak to them at all. They’ll hear nothing from him.
  • v.12 They’ll stagger, famished. Wandering in every direction, searching for a prophet. None will be found (see Ps. 32:6; Isa. 55:6).
  • v.13 The healthiest members of society will suffer dehydration, disoriented, dizzy, and fainting from thirst.
  • v.14 Revealed in their idolatry.

Motyer It is our task to transmit the biblical deposit of truth unalloyed to those who follow us and we cannot do so—any more than the people of Amos’ day could—if we admit syncretism or acquiesce in multi-faith services and the like.

  • Maybe, you have heard the 18 previous sermons on Amos, where the same theme of judgment has been present. But you continue to respond in your heart like the Israelites.
  • Will you ever respond to God’s Word? Don’t squander another opportunity. Repent of your wayward hearts even now! Repent before it’s too late to do so.
  • Parents, take this warning as a reminder of the absolute value of family worship. Train up your children. Multiply their opportunities to respond in repentance and faith.
  • Delight in hearing the Word of God in corporate worship. Urge others to attend. Apply its teaching throughout the week.

In summary…


  • Those who reject God’s Word will lose his favor and may suffer his absence forever.
  • But you can accept God’s Word tonight! You can know God’s favor and everlasting peace.
  • This morning we celebrated the Lord’s Supper (confession of faith, sin, pardon).
  1. Do you acknowledge yourself to be a sinner in the sight of God, justly deserving his displeasure, and without hope save in His sovereign mercy?
  2. Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as He is offered in the Gospel?