Woe to Those Who Are Complacent (Amos 6:1-7)

Woe to Those Who Are Complacent (Amos 6:1-7)


  • Amos’ judgment > lament. Moral Reformation > Religious Reformation.
  • How do you address a people who are not hostile to the Word of God, but indifferent?
  • It isn’t that Israel is actively attacking the faith of their fathers, but they have simply become complacent to apply the truth to any sphere of their lives outside of the worship service.
  • It’s almost like Amos has to begin by convincing them that they are not saved, before he can point them to the promises of God by which they might actually be saved.

Read Amos 6:1-7

  • Punishment will come to those who remain indifferent and complacent in their faith.
  • Outline from Billy Smith (NAC):
    1. Preeminent in Leadership (1-3)
    2. Preeminent in Luxury (4-6)
    3. Preeminent in Leaving (7)

Preeminent in Leadership (1-3)

  • v.1 Amos speaks to the North, but briefly addresses the South (impartiality). He speaks to the leadership (judges).
  • v.2 Israel was no better than their neighbors. Why the overly confident sense of security?
  • v.3 Ignored the warning. Violence is celebrated. They’ve erased justice.
  • They felt secure in their complacency because of their esteemed positions. If any sort of disaster would come upon them it wouldn’t be anytime soon.
  • Such thinking always leads people into very vulnerable positions.
  • They became lazy in their daily lives, especially with regard to putting sin to death (sanctification).
  • Intended for leaders, but impacts all.
  • Assurance brings peace, but false assurance blinds.
  • Christians are never content with level of sanctification.

Owen Be killing sin or it will be killing you.

  • Where is your source of security? Finances, children, spouse, God?

These same prideful leaders had ensured that they also lived…

Preeminent in Luxury (4-6)

  • v.4 They lie around on their expensive beds, “stretched” out on couches (7, hanging over, drunken stupor), eating lamb and veal.
  • v.5 They play their meaningless songs on their fancy instruments to enliven the party.
  • v.6 They indulge in wine by the bowlful!
  • Now, you’re beginning to get a better picture of their worship. The word for “bowl” is an identical term used to describe the bowls priests used for the sacrificial system.
  • “Oil” = joy, cleansing, and anointing. But their excessive choices were blinding them to the ruin about to fall upon them.
  • What makes the gospel satisfying for someone who thinks they have everything?
  • Luke 9:25
  • There’s nothing left for Amos to say if Israel won’t heed the warning. No fear of God.
  • The problem was they refused to admit they had a problem.

The leaders who live in luxury will be…

Preeminent in Leaving (7)

  • The indifferent leaders would be the first to go into exile.
  • They were resting secure because of their powerful positions and their prized possessions.
  • If you want to be first among the nation and first in possessions, you will certainly be the first to be taken captive!
  • Literally, “the celebrating (-house) of those sprawled out will turn aside.” It is a picture of the drunken celebration being turned into mourning.
  • To maintain the alliteration we might translate it in the following way: “The feasting of those who are passed out will pass away.”
  • The end is near!
  • What do you treasure? Matthew 6:19-24
  • Learning to live for the eternal reward is no easy task.

Jim Elliot He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

  • Our positions and possessions won’t transfer to heaven.

First in leadership > luxury > leaving


  • Summary:
    • Leadership > False assurance.
    • Luxury > We cannot allow ourselves to get to a place where we think the warnings of Scripture are irrelevant to us.
    • Leaving > If we treasure what this world has to offer, then we are receiving our reward now.
  • Jesus Christ never lost his preeminence (Col. 1), but he willingly gave up the riches of heaven (Phil. 2). He underwent voluntary exile upon the cross, separation from his Father, in order to bring home those who had gone astray.
  • Don’t become presumptuous of the grace of God, by allowing yourself to grow complacent!