The Healing Power of Jesus (Luke 6:17-19)

The Healing Power of Jesus (Luke 6:17-19)


Now that Jesus has called his apostles he returns to his teaching and healing ministry.

There was never a lack of ministry opportunities. Everywhere Jesus went, within a short amount of time, crowds gathered around him.

Why did crowds gather around Jesus? It wasn’t because he made an announcement that he was coming. Those who had heard him, or been healed by him, brought others.

There are plenty of people in your own life who need to experience the healing touch of Jesus.

Those who place themselves in the path of Jesus are richly rewarded.

Read Luke 6:17-19

I. Come To Jesus (17)

Jesus and his apostles came to a plain. Not sermon on the mount, though similar context and message.

The large crowd (disciples & people) came from Judea and the northern coast above. Jesus was near the north shore of Galilee. Average traveler came 50mi (some 100+mi).

In the original screenplay of Vacation, the Griswold family arrived at Wally World but the park was closed. People laughed hysterically through the first part, but groaned through the ending. They hated it. Everyone felt cheated.

Jesus’s availability gave the crowd confidence that their travel would be worth the effort.

Do you come to Jesus filled with anticipation of being richly rewarded? Church isn’t the only place you can go to meet with Jesus, but I hope it is a place you come with great expectations. We should never leave a worship service feeling cheated.

Why do you come to church?

II. Come To Hear (18a)

The people were not only there for healing, they were interested in hearing whatever Jesus had to say. Much of the awe of the crowds came in response to his teaching. When they heard him once, they came back again and brought others along with them.

Think about a time where the gospel was preached with such clarity and the Spirit filled you with so much emotion (whether joy, love, hope, or something else).

Was it many years ago? Was it just last week? Why is that? What is the state of your soul right now?

Sometimes, our bodies are present, but our minds and hearts are far from engaged. Like reading without understanding, we can come to worship without worshiping. Coming to hear takes preparation. Sometimes it takes significant preparation. But those who do are richly rewarded for their effort.

In addition to hearing, we also…

III. Come To Heal (18b-19)

People were being healed of sickness and unclean demons by simply touching Jesus.

Does Jesus still heal today?

Jesus remains powerful. And we know that he manifests his power through the church.

Does James 5:13-16 still apply? Mark 6:13; Luke 10:34.

Although it is common for saints to refer to their struggle with sin to be a sickness to be healed or a demon to be exorcised, these people were physically suffering. And we have people in this church, many of whom are filled with physical pains. Don’t spiritualize this too quickly.

At the same time, Scripture encourages the spiritual use of this language (1 Peter 2:24). Those who come to Jesus in faith and repentance have been richly rewarded with healing.

Are you sick/sinful? Come to Jesus for healing.

We should come to Jesus to hear and to heal.


After healing them he takes the opportunity to teach them a message that is substantially parallel to the Sermon on the Mount. But this sermon is labeled “The Sermon on the Plain.”

  1. Come To Jesus (17)
  2. Come To Hear (18a)
  3. Come To Heal (18b-19)

Those who place themselves in the path of Jesus are richly rewarded.

Have you come to Jesus? Are you continuing to come to Jesus? Are you excitedly bringing others to Jesus? Maybe one of these questions in particular stands out to you. Ideally, you’ll see that all of them apply. We all need to hear and heal.