A Traditional Christmas - Advent 2015

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Luke 2:8-20

Introduction In the first 30 years of Pax Romana. Who needs God? We have a Messiah who is sovereign, faithful, and humble. When the wonder of our Savior’s birth begins to fade we can be assured that we have lost sight of the magnitude of his humanity. Read Luke 2:8-20 In this passage Luke displays a series of contrasts for his readers (Darkness/Light, Manger/Field, Wondering/Treasuring). You might be living in darkness; Your world might be filled with the most mundane…

Mary’s Magnificat Luke 1:39-56

God is at work! And whenever we recognize that work we should be rejoicing—with loud shouts of exclamation! Worship springs up from a heart that recognizes and rejoices in the work of God.

The Lord Is With You Luke 1:26-38

The news of the text is this: A humble servant will conceive a holy Son who will reign over an eternal kingdom. The birth of the King of Kings demands your attention and calls for your allegiance.