Beginning With Moses

Passing On Our Faith (Genesis 48)

Are you passing your confession of faith on or is your confession of faith passing away with you? First, we will look at Past Supplication (1-12). Second, we’ll see Present Invocation (13-20). And third, we will note Future Benediction (21-22).

Gratitude (Genesis 46:31-47:31)

Gratitude is the expression of a dependent person who has received what he cannot earn. 1. Three Significant Requests. 2. Three Gracious Approvals. 3. Three Grateful Responses.

Prone to Wander (Genesis 45:16-46:31)

We are prone to wander, but God is faithful to guide us back to Himself. First, we will look at The Preparation for Jacob (45:16-28). Second, we’ll see The Migration of Jacob (46:1-27). And third, we will note The Reconciliation to Jacob (46:28-30).

True Revelation (Genesis 45:1-15)

True revelation convicts, comforts, and calls every true believer. First, we will look at Revelation That Convicts (1-3). Second, we’ll see Revelation That Comforts (4-8). And third, we will note Revelation That Calls (9-15).

The Kindness of God (Genesis 43)

“The kindness of God is meant to lead you to repentance” (Rom. 2:4). First, we will see a picture of Surrendering to God (1-14). Second, we’ll see the importance of possessing the Peace and Mercy of God (15-34).

The Burden of Guilt (Genesis 42)

The suppression of a guilty conscience leads to condemnation, but those who truly repent find restoration. First, we will look at The Reminder of Guilt (1-5). Second, we’ll see The Distress of Guilt (6-26). And third, we will note The Assumption of Guilt (27-38).