Sermons on Transformation

The Great Transformer (Amos 5:6-13)

Introduction Amos’ scathing judgment has climaxed into a lament. Bethel (6-13) Jacob (Gen. 28:10-22; 35:1-15). Represented a place where God’s presence and calling were uniquely felt. Genuine experience of God’s transforming power. Beersheba (14-20) Abraham (Gen. 26:23-24), Jacob (Gen. 46:1-4). Each received assurance that God was with them. Gilgal (21-27) Joshua 4:19, first encampment after entering the Promised Land. Covenant renewal – circumcision and Passover (5:2-12). Saul crowned (1 Sam. 11:14-15). Represented a place of religious ceremony. Read Amos 5:6-13…

Ministry in Philippi (Acts 16:11-40)

Introduction 2MJ began in conflict and continued in confusion. Paul blocked by the Spirit. Macedonia was not on Paul’s initial itinerary. Read Acts 16:11-40 No mass conversion, just a few important individuals embrace Christ by faith, which implies “regeneration”. Redemption Accomplished and Applied, John Murray, “The believing and loving response which the calling requires is a moral and spiritual impossibility on the part of one who is dead in trespasses and sins.” God must begin that work! God’s initiating grace dramatically…

The Mission of God and the Conversion of Saul (Acts 9:1-19a)

The trajectory of Saul’s life was dramatically corrected. To some degree, this is true of everyone who submits to the will of God. Our fallen worldview, selfish desires, and depraved thoughts must be transformed. Our conversion blinds us to the things of this world in order to redirect our vision. It is the beauty of Christ that begins to flood our hearts and minds. The truth of the Gospel transforms our purposes to set aside our own glory in order to live for God’s glory. Jesus Christ corrects our worldview by giving us eyes to see him and his mission. First, we will look at Sight Lost (1-9). Second, we’ll see Sight Regained (10-19).
Spiritual Transformation

The Explanation of Pentecost (Part 1) – Transformation

As we will see from Peter’s Pentecost sermon, the first step in becoming a witness for Christ is experiencing a radical transformation. And Luke’s primary point is this: The radical transformation that results from redemption begins with radical repentance.