Sermons from July 2020

Ten Commandments, Moral Law

The Fifth Commandment: Honor Your Parents

The first four commandments focused on our relationship with God. Beginning with the fifth commandment we transition to our relationship with one another. We summarize the whole law with one word, “love”. We are called to love God in commandments one through four. Then we are called to love one another in commandments five through ten. This is the commandment all the parents have been waiting for! Children, listen up! Actually, this command is important instruction for all of us…
Ten Commandments, Moral Law

“The Christian Sabbath”

The Fourth Commandment: The Christian Sabbath There have been significant figures in church history who argued that Christ abolished the Sabbath in the same way that he fulfills the shadows of the ceremonial law. Augustine and Calvin are two of the more significant figures that give me pause for holding to a view that differs. For them, gathering on Sunday is not a command from God, but a tradition from man. We will consider several challenges to the notion of…
Ten Commandments, Moral Law

“Jesus and the Sabbath” (Matthew 12:1-14)

In high school and college I learned to do the bare minimum to get the grade I was seeking. If I knew I could get an “A” by skipping the reading and focusing on the writing, I didn’t bother reading. I like to think I was being efficient, but laziness is a better word for it. The Sabbath was not instituted so that men would have an excuse to be lazy. As much as that sounds like a great way…