Sermons by Brad Mills (Page 46)

Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver

Replacing Judas (Acts 1:15-26)

The reality is this: Left to ourselves we are traitors like Judas, but in Christ we are faithful disciples. It is a sobering warning and a call to faith.
Sermons on the Book of Acts

Introduction to Acts (part 1)

Acts teaches us that church growth is the result of faithful preaching. 1) Understanding the Gospel. 2) Preaching the Gospel. 3) Responding to the Gospel.

Passing On Our Faith (Genesis 48)

Are you passing your confession of faith on or is your confession of faith passing away with you? First, we will look at Past Supplication (1-12). Second, we’ll see Present Invocation (13-20). And third, we will note Future Benediction (21-22).

Gratitude (Genesis 46:31-47:31)

Gratitude is the expression of a dependent person who has received what he cannot earn. 1. Three Significant Requests. 2. Three Gracious Approvals. 3. Three Grateful Responses.