Sermons on Repentance (Page 2)

Spiritual Transformation

The Explanation of Pentecost (Part 1) – Transformation

As we will see from Peter’s Pentecost sermon, the first step in becoming a witness for Christ is experiencing a radical transformation. And Luke’s primary point is this: The radical transformation that results from redemption begins with radical repentance.

The Kindness of God (Genesis 43)

“The kindness of God is meant to lead you to repentance” (Rom. 2:4). First, we will see a picture of Surrendering to God (1-14). Second, we’ll see the importance of possessing the Peace and Mercy of God (15-34).

The Burden of Guilt (Genesis 42)

The suppression of a guilty conscience leads to condemnation, but those who truly repent find restoration. First, we will look at The Reminder of Guilt (1-5). Second, we’ll see The Distress of Guilt (6-26). And third, we will note The Assumption of Guilt (27-38).
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