Sermons on Book of Revelation

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Thyatira: The Tolerant Church

In Revelation 2, we read the letter from Jesus to the church in Thyatira, where it was difficult to make a living without belonging to a guild, and guild membership was intimately related to the worship of the patron god of the guild. This put many Christians in an awkward position, and some compromised.

“The Structure of Revelation – Pt. 1” (Revelation 1:1-3)

The Structure of Revelation – Pt.1 Last week we looked at four major interpretive approaches to the book of Revelation and concluded that they all had something to contribute. This morning, we will not have time to consider the various outlines that have been proposed, but among those who take an eclectic approach to the book, there is general agreement about the structure. Dennis Johnson portrays the importance of the structure of Revelation with the analogy of a puzzle.1 “Hard-core jigsaw…