Sermons on Christmas

The Word Became Flesh (John 1:14-18)

Introduction When decorations and trinkets trivialize the image of Jesus, it’s just as important now, as it ever was in history, that we seriously consider who this child truly was – and is. Read John 1:1-18 Dorothy Sayers We may call that doctrine exhilarating or we may call it devastating; we may call it revelation or we may call it rubbish; but if we call it dull then words have no meaning at all. Only those without a spiritual pulse…

Gloria In Excelsis Deo (Luke 2:8-20)

Introduction In the first 30 years of Pax Romana. Who needs God? We have a sovereign, faithful, and humble Messiah. Don’t let the wonder of our Savior’s birth fade. Read Luke 2:8-20 A series of contrasts: Darkness/Light Manger/Field Wondering/Treasuring You are not in darkness; Your world is not filled with mundane routines; Your thrilling encounters with God are not all in the past… Treasure up and ponder this scene of the glory of God in the birth of a Savior…

The Messiah in a Manager (Luke 2:1-7)

Introduction 400 years of silence. Where is God? 200yrs of war > 30yrs of Pax Romana. Who needs God? The mundane beginning of the most elaborate birth narrative in Scripture. Read Luke 2:1-7 We need a Sovereign Messiah who can rescue us from our bondage to sin. We need a faithful Messiah who will follow through where we (and others) have failed. We need a humble Messiah who will meet us in the depths of our brokenness and lift us…

The Birth of a Redeemer (Ruth 4:13-22)

Introduction Ruth concludes with genealogy. Obed > King David. Bethlehem, House of Bread > Bread of Life, Jesus. Primary focus = Naomi. Death and emptiness > Life and fullness. Read Ruth 4:13-22 Why does history drag out so long? Why doesn’t Jesus return right now? Why does everyone wait? Old Testament saints waited for Messiah. Every redeemer potentially the one. None fit. Then Christ came, in infant form. He accomplished reconciliation, yet still awaiting consummation. We wait for his return. What…

Gloria In Excelsis Deo Luke 2:8-20

Introduction In the first 30 years of Pax Romana. Who needs God? We have a Messiah who is sovereign, faithful, and humble. When the wonder of our Savior’s birth begins to fade we can be assured that we have lost sight of the magnitude of his humanity. Read Luke 2:8-20 In this passage Luke displays a series of contrasts for his readers (Darkness/Light, Manger/Field, Wondering/Treasuring). You might be living in darkness; Your world might be filled with the most mundane…

Mary’s Magnificat Luke 1:39-56

God is at work! And whenever we recognize that work we should be rejoicing—with loud shouts of exclamation! Worship springs up from a heart that recognizes and rejoices in the work of God.

The Lord Is With You Luke 1:26-38

The news of the text is this: A humble servant will conceive a holy Son who will reign over an eternal kingdom. The birth of the King of Kings demands your attention and calls for your allegiance.
Preparing Your Heart for Advent

The Sovereign Shepherd (Isaiah 40:10-11)

This morning we will consider three qualities of the God we are told to behold. First, we will consider how He Comes With Might (10a). Second, we’ll see that He Comes With Reward (10b). And third, we will note how He Comes With Gentleness (11).
Preparing Your Heart for Advent

Herald of Good News (Isaiah 40:9)

The message of this verse is simple: The good news of the coming of our Lord is to be heralded without fear for all to hear. First, we will address the question Who are the heralds? Second, we’ll answer the question How do they herald? And third, we want to understand What do they herald?
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