Sermons on Crucifixion

The Meaning of Palm Sunday

In John 12:12-19, we see the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. As we draw out the meaning of this event, it is clear that the people in the crowd misunderstood Jesus’ mission and purpose in coming to Jerusalem publicly,
Sermon Series on Matthew 26-28

The Triumph of the Cross (Matthew 27:45-51)

Have you ever felt alone? I don’t mean socially distant. I mean isolated from everyone. Maybe that sounds like a good thing to some of you. Maybe you are the kind of person who enjoys going to movie theaters alone. I can understand the value of getting away from the noise of this world, but we really were not created for isolation.
Sermon Series on Matthew 26-28

The Shame of the Cross

The Shame of the Cross (Mt. 27:26-44) One of the most embarrassing moments of my childhood was when I went clothes shopping with my mom and older brother. I didn’t care much for shopping or picking out my own clothes. I pretty much was just there to try things on that my mom picked out for me. My brother, on the other hand, enjoyed taking his time. He wanted to look at every item in his size and try them…

“The Departure of the King” (Matthew 27:26-61)

The Departure of the King (Mt. 27:26-61) This morning we considered Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Although he was praised and honored, it was merely the beginning of the end of his earthly ministry. As we come to a passage that is so familiar to us, we really want to engage our minds and hearts. Let us rely upon the Holy Spirit to move us with a fresh understanding of Christ’s death. We want to understand the event itself so…