Sermons on Death

“The Death of Samson” Judges 16:1-31

The Death of Samson (Judges 16) Introduction I’m going to try to be somewhat discreet as I preach this text, but we will need to address a topic that was a significant problem for Samson. It’s a significant problem for many more people today. In his book, Hide or Seek, John Freeman writes: At times I’m still amazed at the pushback I get from men who are reluctant to install a filter or accountability software on their computer. For men,…

A Bitter Journey (Ruth 1:1-6)

Introduction We noted last week that chapter one presents the problem of death and emptiness in Naomi’s life. The solution begins to develop in chapter two, but the reader must wait until the very end of the story before seeing the full realization. Read Ruth 1:1-6 The famine that occurs in Bethlehem begins the story and explains why Elimelech is moving his family to Moab (1:1). The Lord’s provision of food ends the episode and begins the return journey of Naomi, now widowed and…

The Death of Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 23 and 25)

Sin brought death into the world, but let’s consider from this passage what death brings into our lives. First, we will see that Death Brings Mourning. Second, we’ll see that Death Brings Responsibilities. And third, we will see that Death Brings Opportunities.