Sermons on Hope

Sermon Series on Matthew 26-28

The Triumph of the Cross (Matthew 27:45-51)

Have you ever felt alone? I don’t mean socially distant. I mean isolated from everyone. Maybe that sounds like a good thing to some of you. Maybe you are the kind of person who enjoys going to movie theaters alone. I can understand the value of getting away from the noise of this world, but we really were not created for isolation.

The Restoration of Israel (Amos 9:11-15)

We come now to Amos’ final words, and we are finally relieved to find that they are not words of judgment but of hope and promise. Nothing has changed on the part of the people. It’s not as if he saw some spark of interest in their eyes. In fact, we would not be surprised to find that many of the members of the original audience back in their homes, no longer listening to the rambling prophet. Regardless, this nation…

A Bitter Journey (Ruth 1:1-6)

Introduction We noted last week that chapter one presents the problem of death and emptiness in Naomi’s life. The solution begins to develop in chapter two, but the reader must wait until the very end of the story before seeing the full realization. Read Ruth 1:1-6 The famine that occurs in Bethlehem begins the story and explains why Elimelech is moving his family to Moab (1:1). The Lord’s provision of food ends the episode and begins the return journey of Naomi, now widowed and…

I Will Remember (Psalm 77)

Introduction Despair is a pervasive problem. And it is commonly associated with the night. Maybe you are one of the millions in despair about one or both of the presidential candidates. Or maybe it is something more personal and private. Or maybe you can’t pinpoint a cause. Regardless of what is causing your despair, Psalm 77 is sure to be a source of great comfort. Read Psalm 77 The psalmist never receives an explanation for his circumstances. He teaches us how to…