Sermons on Sanctification

Crave Christ (1 Peter 2:1-3)

Introduction Peter makes application explicit (20/25 verses contain “you”/“your”). He reminded them of their hope, joy, and salvation in Christ so that they might love one another sincerely and earnestly (1:22). Read 1 Peter 2:1-3 Atlantic (August 2016): “How the Percentage of Americans Who Go to Church Every Week Is Changing” Roughly 51 percent of Americans say they go to church or another worship service somewhere between once a month and multiple times per week, while 49 percent said they go rarely…
Spiritual Transformation

The Explanation of Pentecost (Part 1) – Transformation

As we will see from Peter’s Pentecost sermon, the first step in becoming a witness for Christ is experiencing a radical transformation. And Luke’s primary point is this: The radical transformation that results from redemption begins with radical repentance.

Jacob’s Dream (Genesis 28)

If I could summarize this entire chapter in one sentence I would put it like this: A growing Christian is one that is increasingly sensitive toward sin and constantly amazed by God.